Descendants of Herrmann Wrege

by Guilhermo Schiller

About 1864, probably in Pobanz, Pmmern, HERRMANN Wrege married Auguste Ghert. They had two sons: REINHOLD Wrege, born 1865 and Heinrich ALBERT Herrmann Wrege, born May 18, 1867 in Pobanz. HERRMANN, the father, died in Germany in either 1867 or 1868. Shipping records show that on May 15, 1869 the widow, Auguste, and her two sons ages 2 and 4, sailed from Hamburg along with a relative, Lisette Ghert, also a widow; destination Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

In Brazil Auguste married August Ehlert. They had two sons. The two Wrege boys, REINHOLD and ALBERT grew up in Brazil. REINHOLD had a son, WALDEMAR who in turn had a son ALBERTO. This is all the information we have on this branch of the family. Heinrich ALBERT Herrmann married Amalie Henriette Katharina Schiller on March 10, 1889 in Pelotax, Rio Grande do Sul.* They had 11 children:

1890 Emma, married Joao Bauer

1892 Hedwig, married Willy Jaeckel

1894 Elsa, married Carolos Natorf

1896 Bernardo

1897 Emilo

1898 Hulda, married E. Tuchenhagen

1900 Paulina, married E. Lange

1902 Anna, married to A. Lange

1905 GUILHERMO Schiller,** married Maria de Lourdes Dante they had 8 children, including their first born, Mario Luiz, married to Iara Abreu.They have two children, Leticia and Guilhermo.

1912 LINDOLFO Alberto, married Maria Amelia Tavarez Perez. They had three children, Rouget Alberto who died in the army, Joao Rouget and Marcia

1914 Leonita, married Theobaldo Wagner, 4 children

* Marriage certificate herewith.
** Author of the reminisence herewith.