News of the Wrege Family

by Bob Wrege and Hans-Joachim Wrege

For years, Hans and I, working independently, have traced the roots of the WREGE family. We have now joined in an effort to establish a common ancestor for:

a) families who emigrated to the United States

b)those who made their way to Canada

c) those who went to Brazil

d) the two families which haved lived in surrounding area

e) those originating from Uckermark / Mecklenburg and who moved into the Federal Republic of Germany after WWII

f) those still living in the FRG

g) those from East Prussia who moved west to the present GDR

We seek to establish the origin of each branch of the WREGE tree through documentary proof. The surname WREGE reportedly comes from the Niederhochdeutsch language as a word meaning:






and, very much to our amusement, some wives of WREGE men agree those terms are still applicable. Another report adds the meaning ³wanderer or exile.²

The NEWS OF THE FAMILY has been established to broaden the circulation of information beyond letters from one to another. It is hoped everyone interested will become involved.

We start with HANS WREGE who, at a place called Wollin, near Prenzlau / Uckermark, in 1540, was registered as paying a land tax in the amount of 9 groschen. Do we all descend from him?

Every interested WREGE is invited to contribute information of interest to other WREGEs, geneological or otherwise, which we can circulate.

Please examine the list of places / villages where, according to supporting documents, the WREGEs listed originated. Can you add to it?

We offer first the documented tree of co-editor Hans-Joachim Wrege. In the next issue we plan to publish further trees, more or less detailed. Perhaps from among our WREGE readers we will receive information to fill some blanks and solve some puzzles. We offer a WANTED / FOUND mailbox to the editors. Everyone is invited to request information or advice regarding his or her own tracing job.

The editors will start it: we WANT, reports from your parents / grandparents (written or typed) about their early lives. We will translate and redraft these for posting on this site in future issues.

There is no fixed schedule for publication of NEWS OF THE FAMILY, but we hope to receive information about your side of the Wrege family so we can continue to grow this site.

Hans and I do not regret the time and money we have spent searching our roots. It has been a pleasure and we recommend the pursuit. If we can help you in your own search do not hesitate to ask.